Concourse C

Address: 8500 Pea Blvd
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Category: Airport Terminal
Check Ins: 24672


  • Chad Young

    stay away from the mexican food place by mcdonalds bad food, bad margs, bad beer
  • Grady Carter

    "Dear gawd, make me a bird, so I can fly faw, faw faw away".
  • Gale M

    Look for Chewbaca!
  • Trey Page

    Lots of chairs with electric plugs and USB for charging! :-)
  • Mary Streech

    Make sure you arrive to the train early so you can get the seats on the end!
  • Angela Bowman

    Root Down is by far the best food at DIA. Gluten free and vegan options. Breakfast comes with arugula. Quinoa burritos are awesome.
  • Anne H.

    Moving walkways! Enough said.
  • Paul O'Leary

    There is no delta lounge. :-(
  • Jon Jacquet

    Airline ticket to Portland: $200... Getting felt up by TSA: priceless.
  • Sheri Long

    Bring your sunglasses. No matter what time of year... Sun setting over the mountains -- brutal!
  • Russell Yarnell

    Just looking for Larry Craig.
  • Tim Elliott

    The pork tamales at La Casita are pretty tasty... I chose green salsa.
  • Rob Ferry

    Go thru security on bridge instead of main security areas. You'll be glad u did.
  • Karli Newman

    Russian coffee at Dazbog is a must! Highly recommend the chocolate cappuccino.
  • Sandy Roller

    TSA security very disorganised and bad lines, not thinking it is a good airport to come through or to
  • Swen Graham

    Try the breakfast burritos at La Casita if you're at Terminal C before 10. They're pretty awesome, especially for an airport.
  • Zac Chester

    A concourse is different from a terminal. This location is improperly categorized.
  • ??Michele May??

    No Starbucks, this blows! But Einstein did an ok job with my mocha :)
  • Mike DeRosa

    Limited tea selection at Einstein Brothers Bagels; Starbucks in Terminal C.
  • Juan Rios

    Please build a sky club lounge at DIA!
  • Scott McClannahan

    DO BOT buy sunglasses from NYS ... they have great sales people who will promise you a warranty, lifetime replacement, etc. But when you try to use it you'll find out they forgot to mention the fees.
  • Lacey Norlander

    Einstein Bros won't take your gift cards
  • Ching Brubaker

    This is the only section with a smoking area. Be prepared to buy something. They check receipts. No purchase, no smoking privileges.
  • lorraine doo

    Windy windy landing. They mean it when they say fasten your seat belts. That is NOT a suggestion!
  • Mister Goldy

    Root down is your best bet
  • Brent G

    Dazbog coffee is amazing! Screw starclucks
  • Nancy Peck-Cook

    Late night flight? Nothing is open so bring snacks! There is a water fountain - good thing because vending machines are sold out!
  • Sabrina Champagne

    If you are only stopping en route, you don't have to get off the plane to get service. The flight attendants are very happy to provide beverages & use the facilities on board.
  • Laura Weidman Powers

    Einstein Bros moves through their line super fast if you're in a hurry.
  • Joe Cornwall

    You won't find a Delta Sky Club here.
  • Cara Mehr

    Public wifi is a plus but when it's this slow its worthless.
  • Jeff Willinger

    Give yourself plenty of time.
  • Ken Sapp

    Red River Rally bound
  • Rachael Volsey

    Decent tea selection at Caribou Coffee
  • Deborah Wardell

    Beautiful spacious airport.
  • Jessica Pisano

    Go to Amber Room! Beautiful amber jewelry, all from the Baltic!
  • R Morehouse

    Forget trying to find the Delta Sky doesn't exist.
  • Charles Castillo

    Correction - Terminal B has a Starbucks - we're in Terminal C.
  • Paul Hirst

    The food choices get old. If you have enough of a layover, go to a different concourse. B isn't too bad.
  • Max Goldberg

    The bagel place is a little pricey, but easily the most satisfying meal for layovers. I recommend the turkey bagel w/ avacado. Fuck McDonalds.
  • Dave Weible

    Awesome airport, best restaurants.
  • Andre Thompson

    Where's the Starbucks????