Denver International Airport Train

Address: East Terminal
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Category: Airport Tram
Check Ins: 35787


  • Wally

    Name the two local celebrity voices that make the train announcements.
  • Tim Jackson

    Recommend that you hold on to handle and enjoy the ride!
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to the nation's 3rd busiest airport. DIA is 7th busiest airport in the world. #MileHighCity
  • Stephen Dugan

    YOU! Are delaying the departure of the train!
  • Casey Hopkins

    The music in the tram is pretty fun
  • Monty King

    White knuckle the rails as if its about to go mach 5 and say, this is the worst part about flying
  • Dave Taylor

    Should have Stan and Cartman from South Park making the announcements, if you ask me!
  • ????

    Hold on please!!!
  • Travis

    If the twangy arrival and departure tune gets stuck in your head you're really screwed.
  • Brandon O'Rourke

    Why does everyone feel compelled to be in the first car? Always plenty of room in the middle (or are you too extraordinary for that?)
  • Elmer Thomas

    Check out the pick axes in the tunnel
  • Ken Heintz

    Stand at the front and watch the fun scenery.
  • Andrew Barlow

    Hold on tight!
  • Mec Jagger

    Step lively or "you will delay the departure of this train"
  • "Aunt Blabby" Mitchell

    Get to the airport on time. And show respect to fellow passengers and crew.
  • Cosmo Catalano

    Please move clear of the door. You are delaying the departure of this train.
  • Christopher Archuleta

    If your train isn't very packed, stand away from the rails and surf the train! Extra points if you make people laugh.
  • jonathan

    Please keep clear for passengers departing the train.
  • Philip Hufnagel

    Listen to the old-timey music they play at the stops...........
  • Kristal Kraft - Denver Real Estate

    Wifi on the train works great!
  • Tim Falls

    In a hurry? Board at the end do you can beat the rush to the escalator
  • Charly Simmons

    Watch for the kinetic art on the walls of the tunnel. Picks and wings...
  • Tyler Rock

    Instead of asking what airline flies out of what terminal, take a look up in the train, or just outside the door. There's a MAP with labels!
  • Nic Brownrigg

    Don't jump out in front of the train! It will kill you!
  • Maddie

    We are now approaching.... hold on please!!
  • Richard Walker

    Go to the far side of the car when boarding. This is the side to get off at the terminal
  • Shay Williams

    When you're going to baggage, get in the middle car and use the elevator upon exit. Faster than herding onto the two escalators when you arrive
  • Kyra Casebolt

    Find the echo chamber under the clocks located in the train platform before you get on the rain in the terminal...can you hear it?!?
  • Jim Letourneau

    Perky music before the announcements
  • Sarah Barlow

    Hang on!!!
  • Jonas Oliver Gonzaga

    Take the middle train. It's less crowded.
  • Scott Lootens

    Get the front care and watch the kinetic sculptures
  • Bryon Pastian

    Sounds like Phil Hartman did the VoiceOver for the DIA Train
  • J.R. Constance

    If you have young kids try to get in the first car heading towards the concourses. Very cool to be rolling down the tunnel with the propellers turning along the walls.
  • Emerald

    Hold on tight.
  • Michael Manning

    Stand clear of doors... Don't be "that guy"
  • Dona P

    Hammond's Chocolates kiosk is a must-see
  • Greg Olson

    Concourse B. upper lever is good place to hang out if you have long delays.
  • Patrick Nichols

    Best airport in the USA!
  • Larry Gould

    Food choices are reasonably diverse.
  • Tyler Rock

    When you exit the train, go to the escalators nearest you. They all go to the same area.
  • Douglas Powell

    Stand in the front car and watch the propellers on the walls spin.
  • Shawn Rogers

    The train is fast - hold on tight.
  • Roy H

    Dont have a rollerboard? Go the doors on either can jump off and walk up the escalator before the standers.
  • Alexey Baykov

    "Watch you step!" - great voice! sounds serious and funny at the same time
  • Paul Hartsell

    They got Payton to record a welcome!
  • Kyra Casebolt

    Love how YOU are delaying the departure of this train gets total strangers to laugh and talk. Great!!
  • Jerad Larkin

    You are single-handily holding up the train.
  • Nate R

    Due to the construction, most shuttles drop off on the East Terminal and pick up on the West Terminal.
  • Michael B.

    This is a nice place 2 come 2 & take a train ride.
  • Sara Wolcott

    Don't touch anything! Use your hand sanitizer after your ride!
  • Aileen Hanson

    Don't miss this display.....all bead work
  • Matt Barnhart

    no farting!
  • Luis C.

    Watch for the Doors & Hold on.
  • Rob Dresser

    Not enough Power outlets
  • Erica Nollen

    Sick jingle!
  • Doug C

    Go upstairs for a quiet area. Lots of plugs.
  • Eris D'Orsay

    If you are black avoid this airport.
  • Everett Marshall

    If someone is frantic and crying do NOT let them in front of you at the gate. They will require all of the airlines available resources and your simple question will never be asked let alone answered.
  • Paula Bomer

    I have travelled all over the world and this is my LEAST favorite airport
  • Jaime Tendler

    Never hold on to rails if possible; who knows how many 10's of 1000s of germs there are
  • Ella Hawkins

    Be sure your liquids are out of your carry on before hand, really helps with the wait time.
  • kyle j underwood

    Alan Roach & Adele Arakowa
  • Jacob Zarick

    As you go to bag claim watch left wall for the pick axes
  • William Walla

    What is the deal with the small propellers in the tunnel???