Concourse B

Address: at DEN Airport
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Category: Airport Terminal
Check Ins: 22844


  • Hunter Holmgren

    Get outta town
  • A Fish

    Free wifi at DIA. Yay!
  • Rob C

    Wow Conor H. That is pretty offensive
  • Seth Bunting

    Watch the Denver international airport conspiracy theory video on YouTube... It's freaky.
  • Kristal Kraft - Denver Real Estate

    Enjoy the art at DIA.
  • Deborah Titus

    Many convenient places to charge electronics
  • Alex Sandars

    The hub for Star Alliance flights in and out of Denver.
  • Aubree Topai

    Best airport food: itza wrap! Itza bowl. Sooooo good
  • Alex Sandars

    Wheels up!
  • Katheryn

    gates are split by even and odd numbers divided by the moving walkway
  • Robin Inlow

    Look out the window when you're on the tram to concourse b...whoever designed the whirly things on the walls was brilliant!
  • paul kooi

    Bar tender at Paradise cafe is lame. Staff at the resteraunt is friendly though.
  • Amy Babic

    Wolfgang puck has the BEST airport food
  • Spencer Long

    If you go to itza wrap itza bowl...get the bowl!
  • Wellington Culverton

    I sure would like to meet the "genius" who moved the flight information screens here. They are inconvenient in multiple ways!
  • Katheryn

    quebueno is pretty good and is near B54 and has 3 tacos for ~$5.49
  • Monty King

    This place is the B0Mb
  • Nora L. Reeves

    If you are looking for McDonalds on "B" concourse its closed for remodeling !
  • Ching Brubaker

    The power outlets are sparse. Be warned.
  • Mark V

    Only two electrical outlets!
  • Tina Jay

    Skip the grossly overpriced pour LA France and head over to to Sara Lee sandwich shop. Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee!
  • Sun Yung

    Climax Jerky has the BEST jerky anywhere
  • Jean Kloppers

    Don't try the caribou coffee
  • Drew Podwal

    If you get here after 10 eat a lovely meal at McDonalds because everything else is closed.
  • Eric Rogers

    Taco Salad at the Cantina is really good.
  • Leanne Goff

    Drive instead. This is he'll.
  • Folami Small

    Be aware that on the lower B Concourse (Gates 80+, which is a separate mini terminal), there is NO DIA free Wi-Fi... Just Boingo (which you have to pay for...
  • Linda Ransler

    Rocky Mountain oysters!
  • DJ Ostey

    Its United now.
  • Chris Sheedy

    Check your flight info when you come up the escalator. Good luck finding a flight info board anywhere else
  • Nancy Bachus

    Get a sandwich at Heidi's
  • Samantha Johnson

    Stop into Seattle's Best Coffee by B22 and get the best airport food around; Udi's Big Apple Turkey sandwich.
  • Jon Hart

    Fuckin Hodgees running every food place! REALLY!
  • Jennifer Ogden

    The coffee at Coffee Beanery is not worth the stop.
  • Mary Bilek

    Hey Veteran Travelers, give a struggling newbie a hand! This can be a very overwhelming airport.
  • Ryan Call

    The pizza place sucks!!!!...don't even bother.
  • Jacob Lee

    There's more food (and real coffee) upstairs.
  • Arlene Mokowitz

    Wolfgang-puck, jamba juice, and Ben & Jerry's. Not bad choices for an airport.
  • Jayson French

    They have a freaking Jamba Juice upstairs. Awesome!!
  • Sun Yung

    Check out the best jerky around - a kiosk store close to Gates in the mid 40s
  • Matt McCarty

    Pour la France for food & drink.
  • Robb Silverberg

    good weather , clear sailing 9/19
  • Mark Prosser

    Flights home are good ..
  • Lowell

    If you're waiting on B Concourse, definitely treat yourself to a mocha at Caribou Coffee.
  • Kurt Simpson

    I highly reccommend the salad at Steak Escape fries on top ranch dressing! It makes an airport delay tolerable.
  • Nick Perdiew

    Good place fer spottin' cowboys & cowgirls
  • hannah lee

    Has a great vegetarian Philly sandwitch... And a bar to boot!