Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Address: 1701 Mile High Stadium Cir.
Phone: (720) 258-3000
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    A sculpture called "The Broncos" features seven larger-than-life horses running up a mountain, through a stream. A ring of fame honors the great Broncos of the past, including quarterback John Elway
  • Colorado

    INVESCO Field’s opening event was an Eagles concert that occurred on August 11, 2001.
  • ESPN

    Welcome to the House That Elway Built. Big John’s name sits right smack in the middle of the Broncos Ring of Fame, in between goalposts of the North end zone
  • Sports Authority

    Be sure to join in on the "Incomplete Chant!" After the announcer states the incomplete pass, fans complete the chant by saying "In-com-plete!" followed by the infamous "sad trombone" sound effect.
  • Michael

    Check out the cheerleaders!
  • Team Coco

    "Sports Authority narrowly beat out Dick’s Sporting Goods to get their name on Mile High Stadium. Mostly because no one wants to go to a place called “Dick’s Field.”" - Conan O'Brien
  • Dean_Miles

    Root for the Broncos
  • Tim Jackson

    Be sure to expect to see Payton Manning's air show!!
  • Sports Authority

    Pass the Good with Sports Authority and the NFL! Through 1/2/11, donate your football cleats, gloves and NFL gear at Sports Authority stores to help children get active, and receive a $10 Cash Card.
  • Joanie Kindblade

    Cheer for the broncos and stomp on the stands to make rocky mtn thunder
  • 4sqBadge

    "The Broncos" sculpture features seven larger-than-life horses running up a mountain. A ring of fame honors great Broncos of the past, including quarterback John Elway. Opened in 2001 by the Eagles.
  • Colorado State Patrol

    When you pledge to stay sober at the Broncos games you get a FREE SOFT DRINK. Sign up at Gate 8!
  • Selección Mexicana

    Aquí jugará la Selección Mexicana ante Martinica en la Copa Oro 2013. El juego es el 14 de Julio. ¡Compra tus boletos!
  • ?DV Green??

    The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum is located at Gate #1 on the west side of the stadium.
  • Casey Duncan

    The Orange Crush Defense was the 3–4 defense of the Denver Broncos during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was one of the top defenses of its time.
  • Leora Ruzin

    Must spend the $6 on the super nachos. Nothing like nachos and beer during a Bronco game!
  • Keep A Breast Foundation

    Every summer the Vans Warped Tour comes to Denver & with it comes the Keep A Breast Foundation to educate young people about breast cancer prevention & awareness! Prevention is the CURE!
  • Javier R

    On Jan 19th 2014, Denver Broncos of Payton Manning defeated New England Patriots of Tom Brady 26 to 16, to take the AFC Championship 2014 and move to The Super Bowl XLVIII (Metlife Stadium, NJ.)
  • Andrea Roybal

    Stay away from the fountain area for your own safety....or get yelled at by the dude in the intercom LoL
  • Udi's Gluten Free

    Great place to cheer on the Broncos!!!
  • Maureen Padilla

    Don't sit too high up. It's scary!
  • Stadium Journey

    The Broncos fan experience received 3.9 out of 5 in our review
  • Kristen Sonsma

    Plan for enough time on game days for parking and getting into your seats!
  • Sports Authority

    Sport Your Pink and support the fight against breast cancer when you pick up your favorite pink team merchandise and apparel at Sports Authority during the month of October. Learn more here:
  • MCB

    Broncos vs
  • Holly Maldonado

    Prestine grass field
  • Michal Myszka

    Very Very Nice
  • Cooper Smith

    Invesco Field. Sports Authority Field. The name on the building changes, but Bronco fans keep calling it by one name - Mile High Stadium
  • Casey Duncan

    Save yourself some scratch and heartache by taking a shuttle or cab to the stadium.
  • Kristen Sonsma

    Since you seem to be a sports fan, you should check out a Colorado Rapids match too! #tailgate join me
  • Kristen Sonsma

    Plan to park a little further out walk in to save time! Also if you buy season tickets, splurge for the Parking pass!
  • Flip Chavez

    Get there early, security lines can be really long.
  • kelli trainer

    Sit right below club level and their air conditioning creep out and slowly settles over you....aaaah.
  • Will Dieterich

    Warped tour!
  • National Football

    For pregame fun, tailgate with the Mile High Jester (Lot C) or Danny the Greek (Lot M). Inside the stadium, grab a micro brew from any River’s Edge location (sec. 103, 107, 114, 123, 506, 536).
  • KeyBump

    KeyBump & Bucky the Bronco: This 1,600-pound, 27 foot tall horse graced Mile High and the Denver scene for over 25 years and continues to do so at INVESCO Field at Mile High. After being rejuvenated,
  • Dina?? R??msted

    Go to Star Bar After the Game!! 2 for 1's Industry and 2 for 1's on 1st round with Ticket!!! 2137 Larimer St
  • Tim Jackson

    Cone the Peyton Manning Air Show
  • BigRyanPark

    " If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?" John Wooden. Now, is our time. Go Broncos!
  • Ryan Mayor Vincent

    Love the Broncos Cheerleaders! !
  • Hampton Inn Denver-International Airport

    Enjoy Denver at its best! Awesome place to shop for sports wear. GO BRONCOS! I really liked the old Mile High
  • Stadium Journey

    The first stop on the ultimate NFL road trip for the 2013 season was Broncos/Ravens! Check out what it was like to kick off the season at Mile High
  • Selección Mexicana

    La Pasión Que Nos Une cerrará la fase de grupos de la Copa Oro ante Martinica el próximo 14 de julio a las 15:00 hrs.
  • Mike Darnell

  • Derek Hoge

    Great Atmosphere. Beats St. Louis.
  • Shannon Donahue-Starkovich

    New season ticket seats are looking great!!
  • Josh Hicks

    Lets Go Broncos #18 for life
  • Eric Gonzalez

    Great Place to watch anything going on here. Mostly i come here to run around the stadium for a good workout
  • SuperBowl 2012

    Broncos fans can check-in to this custom Indy Car that will be on display as part of the Super Bowl festivities in Indianapolis. Click the link below to read more about the 33 Super Cars.
  • kdubhimself

    You know that you wish were at Giants Stadium!
  • Ralph Fisher

  • Michelle Zimmer

    Bud bar at 135 is the best!
  • Rick Chadwick

    That big white horse above the scoreboard? It's Trigger, Roy Roger's horse.
  • marissa Powers

    Go broncos
  • Experience

    You can now upgrade your seats at all Denver Outlaws home games! Go to on your smartphone to find upgrades.
  • J Shay

    Next person that yells "HURRY HURRY" while waiting for the urinal in the men's room is getting punched in the throat
  • Miatsu Kumiko

    The brawts are dam good. Lots of sexy girls walking around.
  • Kraftmacncheese

    What's better than giving the gift of Mac & Cheese? Wrapping it in noodle wrapping paper. And luckily, we'll be giving away that wrapping paper today after the game by the #BigNoodle. See you there!
  • Kraftmacncheese

    We had a great time handing out our noodle wrapping paper today by the Big Noodle at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Visit us next time when we hand out more noodle wrapping paper!
  • Wesley Cummings

    Home of the Broncos! And a great place to experience the culture of Colorado. No city loves their team as much as Denver. Park in downtown or in the lot and just enjoy the experience.
  • Darcy B

    Support Team Challenge and visit concession stand number 517!
  • Jaye Lee Passage

    Now this is cool. Just need an NFL approved clear bag!
  • Somchai Rojana

    Invesco Field at MileHigh #10.00 AM.
  • Cody Ray

    The worst seats ever and they were still $400 apiece. Then on top of that you are as high up as you can get, very step and difficult for older adults.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    January 12, 2013 – Rookie Justin Tucker nailed an OT field goal to beat the Broncos and send the Ravens to the AFC Championships.
  • Chris Fossum

    Make sure you cheer loud for the Broncos!
  • James

    I'm from Tampa Bay and this is the best stadium I have ever been too!
  • Carmelo Clandestine

    Go Broncos!!!
  • Jacob Lee

    Leave your pocket knife in the car.
  • Matthew

    Get club house seats its much better than the nose bleeds! Oh and they have prime rib sandwiches
  • Jason Nelson

    Go Broncos!!
  • Tammy Woestmann-Price

    Going to miss it here when we leave!
  • Derek Frank

    Hell yea warped tour!!!
  • Ingather Research & Innovation Facilities

    The nation's only mile high football stadium!
  • Andrew Weiss

    If you can get a ride or avoid parking at this stadium, do so by all means.
  • Chris Vasquez

  • Big Mama

    The halo over mile high, keep believing !
  • Big Mama

    The halo over mile high, keep believing
  • Anthony Sayles

    You don't get much leg room in section 533. Be prepared to stand up out of your seat to let people pass you.
  • Marc Martinez

    Denver Broncos Need to FIRE John Fox
  • Christopher Christensen

    Beer stands won't sell alcohol during the 4th quarter!
  • Brandon Tucker

    Leave the east side of the stadium for an awesome view of the Denver skyline
  • Shoup

    Go Bears!!!
  • Matthew Lopez

    Home of the Denver Broncos
  • Hailey McGee

    Also... The Frozen Strawberry Daquiris (for adults) and Jr. Bronco for the kids are a major treat!
  • Hailey McGee

    Try the Margaritas! Frozen or on the Rocks, a great addition to Broncos Football!
  • nate wonblood

    Don't let me catch ya slipping, I don't wanna boot ya
  • Joel D

    Still waitin to get in. 30 minute plus wait.
  • Patrick ?? C.

    Go Donks!!!
  • Bryon Matsuno

    Don't forget the Ladies line
  • Melanie Bernhardt

    I attend EVERY time the Chargers come to town. Its the only thing worth watching here.
  • jessica L

    Horseshoe courts set up outside for your enjoyment.
  • Ashley Bird

    Let's go Outlaws!
  • ConciergeQ

    What is your favorite sound or noise in Denver? Michelle Roark, Olympic Skier: "The sound of Bronco Stadium after a big touchdown!"
  • J Michael Hoehn

    Visit Rivers Edge Tap Room fir the best selection of beers including New Belgian, other micros and imports. They are all around the stadium.
  • Michelle Haska Subrizi

    Not enough wait staff. Be prepared to drink a liquid lunch.
  • Karl Brenneman

    Hit the ramp between levels 1 and 3 at halftime if you want to get high
  • Ed Paff

    If a beer stand has no line they are likely selling the souvenir cups only. These are $1.50 extra.
  • Dan Dilbeck

    Visited from Indy for Colts/Broncos game, great stadium, great atmosphere, and fantastic pre-game stuff.