Mom-e Club Denver, CO

Group Description

The Mom-e ( aka mom entrepreneur) Club is the place for women and mom entrepreneurs to gather together for education, support, encouragement, business relationships, heck, even therapy sometimes, from other moms in their shoes that simply "get it." Our members range from new moms just starting out in business to moms with established businesses sending their children off to college. There's a place for all mom entrepreneurs to be a part of this club. Childbirth is not a requirement although a large majority of our members are mom entrepreneurs. The focus of this group is not to teach moms how to potty train their children, but to help all mom entrepreneurs nurture and grow their business, and create meaningful relationships with others along the way. This is done through face-to-face, monthly networking groups and social events, educational webinars, e-newsletters, resources and more! Join us! We currently have active Mom-e Club groups throughout the country and now internationally in South Korea. We would love to meet you and hear about your business!