Denver Metro Photo Workshops

Group Description

Denver Metro Photo Workshops provides photography and modeling workshops focusing on learning and developing new skills and using them to give your images a boost. The group focuses on hands-on training classes that will give participants real-life experience. We offer training and experience with shooting, studio and natural lighting, post-processing software techniques, and plenty more! We ARE NOT about sitting in classrooms learning theory and never having a chance to put skills to use. We ARE NOT about ego, arrogance, or who owns the most expensive gear. WE ARE about building skills and learning new things. WE ARE about pushing your own creative and technical envelop to make the best images possible in all kinds of different situations. WE ARE about developing your talent and skills, all while meeting new people. Expect mini-seminars, day-long events, and special access to top models and locations as we grow our group. Thank you for being a part of Denver Metro Photo Workshops!

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