Spanish Speaking Bilingual Tots

Group Description

Meet friendly local bilingual parents and/or caregivers and tots who need Spanish speaking playdates and interactions. We can talk about our childen and have fun! Come to a Bilingual Tots Meetup to share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends. We are very breastfeeding friendly! All bilingual families and caregivers (nannies, au pairs, grandparents, etc.) are welcome. We also organize lots of Mom's Night Out events and weekend Family events. In order to belong to the group you should be at least 75% fluent in Spanish. Among the adults Spanish is mostly spoken and WHEN THE CHILDREN ARE PRESENT WE *ONLY* SPEAK SPANISH TO THEM--even if they don't speak Spanish to us. A little Spanglish is ok. Sometimes, during family meetups, we may speak English to the partners/spouses who are not fluent. STILL, ONLY SPANISH SHOULD BE SPOKEN TO THE CHILDREN BY THE SPANISH SPEAKERS DURING OUR MEETUPS. When we have Moms' Night Out, we are a little more flexible in speaking some English, but the majority of the time we are speaking in Spanish.