Nikon DSLR Digital Photography

Group Description

With the advent of digital SLRs, the quality of images and the popularity of digital photography has grown exponentially in the last 4-5 years. A lot of people have also migrated to their favorite brands after retiring their film/slide cameras or after hitting the limits of their p&s. The thrill to instantaneously capture and see a quality shot is often what we all are striving for.

There are tons of fantastic DSLR manufacturers, but Nikon seems to be the brand that I follow. It has always been the camera that felt right to me ever since I started using it, hence this meetup is geared towards Nikon DSLR's. Other people think the same about the brands they love. They also get away with equal or more beautiful shots. But, often there are times, it is easier to relate a problem, a terminology/lingo, share gear/lenses, use acronyms n techniques with folks that use the same brand you shoot with. It helps in unleashing the potential of the camera in your hand and possibly helps in taking your photography to next level.

This group while caters to Nikons, is also open to other brand users. The only difference is most discussions will be based around Nikon and photography relating to using the equipment. If you don't own, but you are interested in learning more about Nikons DSLRs feel free to join in too!

Equipment, tricks, general how-tos, discussingphotographic situations and challenges on how to use one's Nikon more effectively will be the primary topics of this group. For example, 3D Matrix metering, AF point Spot Metering, Remote Flash triggering using even the most basic Nikon DSLR, types of lenses - AF-S/AIS/AF-D, processng raw NEFs using Nikon View/Capture NX, all relate back to Nikons.. plus this rapid pace of technology is bringing out new ways of shooting and learning techniques, so its good to be familiar with the gear in hand!

I used to shoot with Nikon film SLRs (N80/N90s) and moved on to Nikon DSLRs since early 2004. Over these past years I have acquired tremendous knowledge and depth, while hopefully learning every time I clicked. I still have a lot of room to grow, which other talented/skilled photographers can perhaps fill in, or bring to the meetup. Usually, my sharing and learning has been involved around very few people. I realized that I am better off sharing the same wealth with more people that can truely appreciate, learn, acknowledge, and grow - and perhaps contribute back into the group. The goal of the group is - whatever you learn here, please be willing to pass along the knowledge you gain in these sessions to any other n00beez.:)

Please look out for announcements and updates on regular basis and definitely feel free to contact/reach out to me in case you have any questions! Meanwhile enjoy your stay and welcome aboard! :)

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