Group Description

Do you live in Congress Park?  Does having a picnic and listening to jazz while your kids run and play sound fun? Do you need an occasional night out with just the ladies (or just the guys)?  Are you an active young family looking to meet other families in your neighborhood with similar interests?

We are a group of parents with preschool and younger aged kids in Congress Park. We try to organize a few family-friendly events each month such as picnics, pot lucks or trips to the park/zoo/gardens as well as adult-only events such as wine tastings, nights out, game nights, etc.  For those who are home with their kids during the day, you can use this site to find a weekday playgroup in the neighborhood, too.

We always welcome new ideas and people who want to execute them by planning or hosting! 


Note: Because the purpose of this group is to meet and spend time with our neighbors, its membership is restricted to young families who live in the Congress Park neighborhood (between York and Colorado Blvd., Colfax and 7th Ave.)  If you'd like help starting a similar group for your neighborhood, contact one of the organizers and we'd be happy to talk to you.