Group Description


Noun - astrophotography

(astronomy, photography) A specialized kind of photography, comprised of concepts and techniques that pertain to the production of photographic images of astronomical objects.

Astronomy is fascinating, and so is photography. Astrophotography brings both forms of observation and capture together in a perfect awe inspiring harmony.

I would like to welcome both photographers and astronomers with photography interest and background. Pure astronomers are welcome to join too, as long as you are aware that the key goal is astrophotography in the meetups that happen.

My background is absolutely zero when it comes to astronomy, despite having an extensive photography learning experience. The closest astrophotography experience has been spent on capturing the moon, or a few star trails, or zooming in close to a tiny dot in the sky with my regular SLR lens. I have delved into the microcosm of nature photography and want to expand into the macro cosmic nature of the same. I believe a lot of members will fall into this category, so I strongly encourage people with astrophotography background to come forward and share your excitement, skills and experience with the group! 

Immediate needs will be to:
1. Figure out what telescopes/mounts that can be used for astrophotography with a DSLR
2. Have a demo of the equipment that you have used before to capture shots.
3. Share your astrophotography images and learning experience.

To folks with experience - I will sincerely appreciate if you can please reach out to me directly if you have experience with 2 or more of the above needs. Lets get a meetup organized about one of your favorite subjects! Feel free to add ideas, and start forum messages with useful links.

Most of all, I want this group to be a learning and a fun session for all enthusiasts!

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