Clean & Sober MotorCycle Riders Group

Group Description

We are people who like to Ride and people who like to Ride on the backs of bikes with others. We are people who dont drink or drug for whatever reason; health, legal issues, in 12 step programs, in recovery, for spiritual reasons, due to religious beliefs, or simply because you advocate and live a healthy life style or are someone who lives a life which is abstinent from drugs and alcohol. All bikes are welcome; Cruisers, Vulcans, Victorys, Suzuki, Honda Shadows, of course we love to see HDs, but we are not Harley Davidson bike snobs. All makes and models of bikes are welcome on our runs and at our meetups.

Our group is especially for Clean & Sober riders and people who would like to get together and putt around town, or go for a short run through the mountains; maybe up to Boulder, down to Castle Rock, up to Fort Collins, etc This group is for people who would like to get together for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or some place to chat and ride, but without drinking a pitcher of beer, or slamming beer bongs and shots before we ride. While we may end up at a tavern or cool place to visit that serves wine and spirits, our focus is not on getting loaded or drunk. WE WILL NOT DRINK OR GET LOADED AND DRIVE! Fun with Safety in mind and adherence to the law is our concern and focus.

We welcome and encourage all bikes and people regardless of age, sex or religion. We especially encourage Clean & Sober Club members to support our meetups and rides.
This would be important, as a reflection and reminder to all people and communities that NOT ALL BIKERS get loaded, drunk and cause problems. Problems are brought on by people who bring problems onto themselves. We avoid public drunkenness and will not knowingly violate or break laws or otherwise commit crimes during our meetups. Our focus shall be on good Clean & Sober Fun and socializing, in a Sober environment and we shall promote friendship, sobriety and fellowship with like-minded people.

Our rides will be about getting together in a clean, safe and sober social environment and keeping it clean and sober on the road. We will do charity runs with other riders of other groups and clubs, and will seek out charity runs with respect to addiction recovery, alcoholism awareness and diabetes foundations and support.

If you have an idea for an above-related charity, fundraiser ride, please post your suggestions to the group. Maybe you have a good suggestion for a meetup at your favorite coffee shop or tavern that has good food? Please dont be afraid to post your suggestions.

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