South Denver Sundays - Photography Events and Workshops

Group Description

Every professional photographer struggles with the dichotomy of the photographic art form. We shoot to earn a living – weddings, landscapes, head-shots, families, models, babies. These subjects are the traditional tropes that keep photography studios open and provide a world where mortgages are paid and food is provided. These subjects feed the bank account and allow for a “lifestyle”. However, every artist must also feed their soul. They must answer the siren song of a muse. They must take photographs that provide a creative escape from the traditional shoots and create a portfolio of work that makes them happy. No clients. No paycheck. No deadlines. Pure. Creative. Expression. Welcome to South Denver Sundays. Regardless of your photographic skill level, this is an opportunity for you to express your photographic creativity in a fun environment. The last Sunday of every month will allow us to get together and shoot a "theme". My studio will be your palette - I'll provide the models, the hair and make up professionals and the fashion coordinators. I'll provide lights and sets and theme. You bring your camera and your Flash Remote and you can create. Some of our events will be shootouts, some will be workshops. Some will be a little of both. We have the next six months planned already so you can portfolio build and be creative every month. Join us. Create.

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