Colorado's Creative Elite Photography N Modeling Group

Group Description

This is a Group that focus on the Art of Fashion, through Photography, Modeling and Fashion shows. We want to cover every aspect of both Photography and Modeling we want to push your experience and skills to the next Level, reveal the fashion business as a whole and what it will take to be a serious professional in the FASHION BUSINESS. If you love the FASHION BUSINESS don't know how to get involved, what to do, need experience and skills then come and contact us and we will give the tools and will teach you the techniques. For Both New, Beginner and have some experience for both Models and Photographers all other creative people including make up artists, designers, hair specialists, body painters, prop and stage builders this is the most superior group for pushing you over the edge and getting a good grasp in the Fashion Business. Great place to network for both Photographers and Models will help you build your portfolios, get experience and how to master modeling, Photography, using lighting and how to make Photoshop work for you. We will teach techniques, tools, thru a series of workshops, set up superior creative unique different type of photography. if you wanna sexy, stunning, and creative type of fashion Photography then come and lets get started.

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