Down LO Gay Jeeping Group

Group Description

Down-LO Gay Jeeping Group is for active gay guys that enjoy jeeping and wheeling while being themselves. Both novice and experienced are welcomed. This is not a gay advocacy group. For those that think the Holiday Inn Express is roughing it, you possibly could break a nail and possibly damage your 4X4 rig. We all enjoy being on the trail and exploring. This is the real thing with epic jeep trips and if you want to leave the rest of the world behind and have some fun on the trail, now would be a good time to join.

The group is not strictly for Jeeps, if you have a capable 4X4 rig it is alright by us, after all a little diversity and trash talking on the trail can be fun! Requirements: Most of the trails we run require at least 33" tires and a lift,some you may want lockers. As well, proper high altitude camping gear is a necessity for several of the summer and early fall trips if its overnight. Overnight trips are by invite and to be eligible , you must attend at least attend (1) day activity or be invited by a current eligible member. (Sounds strict, but we like to know who we are camping with!) If you don't have rig mods, don't worry about it and just hang tight for the trails that are lower on the rating scale and fine for stock clearance. No matter your rig, if you are cool, don't mind getting dirty, being in the middle of nowhere, and have a zest for adventure join us.

For your confidentiality, this meet up is hidden to where non-members can not search the site. We respect where you stand on your being out status. We do not care who or what you are, this isn't a gay advocacy group so please rule number 1, leave that agenda on the pavement. Join up and lets hit the trails!

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