Dynamic Single Parents-Supporters of PWP

Group Description

Parents Without Partners (PWP).

Thank you for visiting and joining our PWP Open Meetup Group Site.We are not your normal Meetup Group, we use Meetup to manage our events and our members.

1. What is PWP?

PWP isan international non-profit organization dedicated to the single parent. We are Single Parents, just like YOU, who want to meet other single parents.

2. How to I join PWP (not just the Meetup Group) Chapter?

Join us at an "About PWP" event. Meet other single parents and you and your kid(s) can become part of the PWP Family. Share in educational programs, youth activities, and social events for the single parent. We believe PWP has much to offer you, and you have something to offer PWP.

Once you join our PWP Chapter, you will be able to attend our "PWP Chapter Member only" events. Dues are $45 annually, which includes membership in Denver Metro CHAPTER #814 and in PWP International, Inc. $29.00 goes to PWP International, while $16 stays in our local chapter. These dues help pay for certain events, and pays for insurance for our events.

3. Type of Events:

FYI: For Your Information - Not a sanctioned PWP event, PWP rules may not apply. Open to all.
Family: PWP Chapter Member only event.
Parent: PWP Chapter Member only event.
P&E: Program & Education: PWP Chapter Member only event.
Open: Sponsored by PWP but open to all.

Depending on the event, non-members may still be able to attend PWP events, but there (may be) an associated cost. Please contact the host for details. Any public event held by PWP may have an associated cost for both members, and non-members. The cost may differ for members and non-members.

We hope to meet you soon at an "About PWP" event.