Studio 999

Group Description

Studio 999 is a new photography oriented Meetup group that aims to offer an exceptional experience for both the amateur and professional photography alike. Our unique approach begins with a large studio space (4000 square feet) with plenty of lighting setups, various backgrounds, props and setups. The models will be of the highest quality and include a variety of attire and makeup, professionally applied.

We are veteran Meetup goers and will be combining the best of what we have gathered from the numerous Meetups we have attended over the years to create a new and exciting Meetup.

Vision: To create exceptional images, collaborations and experiences
Execution: Large studio space, professional equipment and top quality models, makeup artistry
Themes: Changing themes, props, etc., promise an ongoing variety with endless possibilities

Please come and join us! Bring your creativity to life, further your photographic talents and have fun!!

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