Group Description

Madography is the cumulative process of artistically capturing original imagery through photography or videography using either digital or analog mediums.

Madographers are those individuals whose craft, expressed through their passion for the visual arts, embodies the principles and processes thatultimately define Madography; whose dedicated pursuit coupled with their unique experiences guides their creative expression through works produced. The Madographer is an artist; a painter of light and arranger of composition.

Our local Madography groups exist to bring together people who embody the above-described characteristics and interests, to foster an environment of learning and acceptance, and in some small way make the world a friendlier and more accessible place in which to create original imagery. Members are supported and growth is encouraged within the group, where involvement and repetition are the means by which improvement and mastery are obtained. Madography is about creation, meeting new & interesting people, and enjoying our time along the way!

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