Moms of 2012/2013 Babies

Group Description

When I was looking for other moms of new babies, I kept finding groups with activities that were geared towards older kids or didn't take the infant schedule into account. This group is for moms of babies born in 2012 or 2013. The idea behind it is that our activities will be geared towards the age our kids are now (and get older as the babies do). Hopefully, this group will have a little something for everyone... stuff during the week for stay-at-home moms, stuff on the weekends for the working moms, baby activities like storytime, fitness activities for those who want to lose the baby weight (or just enjoy being outdoors), coffee dates, lunch dates, moms night out, activities for the family and more.

Each member is required to pay dues of $5 per year. This goes towards maintaining the meetup site as well as occasionally sponsoring a fun activity for the group if we have a surplus! The dues should be paid within 30 days of joining the group (you have the 30 days to check it out, hit up some meetups, and see if the group is right for you). We do collect dues automatically using WePayfor payments but you may pay in person cash as well as check. Contact your organizers for more information as needed. We look forward to having you in the group!It's so wonderful to bring our little ones together and to have special time with other Mommies!