Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Address: 3000 E. 1st Ave.
Phone: (303) 388-3900
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Category: Mall
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  • Colorado

    The largest shopping district between San Francisco and St. Louis includes Cherry Creek Norths array of only-in-Denver specialty shops, and Cherry Creek Shopping Centers upscale stores.
  • Shabana Waheed

    Too many damn kids.
  • Sony

    Hey Broncos fans! Come to the Sony Store tonight to meet Broncos Tight End Julius Thomas 6pm-7:30pm and to enter for a chance to win a $300 gift card!
  • Perry Ellis

    This premier shopping mall in Denver houses some of the areas higher end boutiques.
  • Ef Rodriguez

    Watch out for banditos near Cinnabon. They will cut you and take yo' Orange Julius.
  • Erika??

    Be aware of the fruit cakes
  • Jessica Moreno

    After reading these tips, I have come to the conclusion that some of you need therapy.
  • Anthony-Marcell Crowe

    Upscale mall... But a lot of hood rats ruin the experience tho...
  • Denver Westword

    Cherry Creek offers a well-rounded variety of department stores, upscale boutiques and novelty stores, and wins points for housing an Apple Store, H&M, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.
  • Alex Sandars

    The 'Beverly Hills' of Denver.
  • Casey Duncan

    Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a premier, upscale shopping mall! Opening in nineteen-ninety, it has since amassed an impressive 160 shops, including many first-rate luxury stores and restaurants.
  • Casey Duncan

    Shop like a gangsta with friends and family. Nothing says bada#s like a trip to the GAP & Cinnabon!!
  • Stephen Sakurada

    Come to the theatre, and enjoy yourselves!
  • Cooper Smith

    Avoid the indoor mall itself and take in the neighborhood to the north. "The Beverly Hills of Colorado"
  • Danthaniel Christianson

    The janitors wear tuxedos... I shit you not
  • Lisa Drew

    Store called lush just opened with fun bath essential oils!
  • Nicole Askari

    Used to love this mall. Now it's going down hill. Love Culture? WTF is that. That place reeks of cheapness and strippers.
  • thomyi

    Probably one of the best malls in Denver. A lot of exclusive stores... meaning the hoodlums can't afford to cause trouble here. Though the bevy of beautiful white women might nix that.

    This shopping center hosted the a Voyage of the Dawn Treader themed interactive ice palace from November 12, 2010 to December 24, 2010.
  • Gabriel Ruzin

    Most upscale mall in Denver. Good place to go to windowshop and pretend that you're rich. Personal fav is the great Tommy Bahama store. Smells like coconut!
  • Miguel Gonzalez

    The New Looney Tunes playground is Amazing
  • Oil Pattarin

    My Fav Mall ever!!!! There are Juicy, LV, Coach,..etc..
  • Megan Reifschneider

    Best shops!
  • Stefanie Tilton

    If you're visiting, stop by The Colorado Store!
  • Coldwell Banker - Colorado

    With some of the best schools, parks, and neighborhoods in Denver, why not make Cherry Creek your home? Visit to find the perfect agent from Colorado's #1 Real Estate Company.
  • Christopher Arnell

    After a killer day at the mall, stop by Nicolo's for a cold beer and great pizza!
  • Carla Lopezs

    You need a complete day to go shopping here!
  • ian t.

    Really with the racist tips? You people are jerks.
  • Kona Grill

    Within walking distance to the neighborhood and a beautiful patio in Cherry Creek Shopping Center, we're the perfect escape in your day! We look forward to serving you.
  • Anthony Sayles

    Upscale Mall with all of my favorite stores. Probably the best in Colorado.
  • Ray Velasquez

    If you drive a BMW or Mercedes-Benz and have a Murray Motor Imports, Mercedes-Benz of Denver, or Murray BMW of Denver license plate frame, you can get FREE Valet Parking!
  • Catherine Alexandra

    Bad drivers everywhere! Stop texting and driving!!!
  • Sony

    The Sony Store will be opening 12am on 11/15 for the PS4 release! If you pre-ordered in store, pick it up. Missed out on pre-ordering? There will be limited PS4 bundles for purchase!
  • Trish Groom

    Get the avocado smoothie from Fresh Healthy Cafe, super yummy!
  • Karen Gomez

    Great mall- if u got the money. Make sure you're dressed properly though the rich folks will let you know when your not fitting in. And yes, too many kids!!! want $700-1200 shoes- this is the mall
  • Chloe Denver

    shop till you drop!
  • Jeremiah Bebo

    Now known as the new Rodeo Drive
  • Ray Velasquez Here is a link to the Free Valet for BMW and MB owners with Murray license plate frames.
  • DenverFlashMob

    The home of our "Black Friday Silent Dance Party" has a beautiful bike trail out the South exit.
  • Barton Anderson

    Panda express and johnny rockets is here
  • Dorothy Kennedy

    I always check this Coupon App for free in-store coupons iphone:, android:
  • Charlotte Galli

    Its a good mall with some decent stores, but I would not call it upscale... I still think it is small, and there are way too many kids unattended running around.
  • Laine Olmstead

    Lots of people arguing... Ladies slapping their kids, why do people come here regularly?
  • Sable Schultz

    Would it kill someone to have a mall directory?
  • Ivana Gonzalez

    The Levi's store may be a bit pricy ranging anywhere from 78.00 and up for a pair of jeans, but they definitely have a larger variety of cuts and sizes than the outlet stores.
  • Austen Bailey

    Break out the eggnog, skip the line and start manipulating your child's behavior early this year. Santa is here more than a month before Christmas! Don't forget the Brandy.
  • Jeff Willinger

    Great a/c for hot summer days.
  • Rio Orozco

    Shopping. $$$$$
  • Francis D Roces

    Urban Outfiters and Aldo are best stores!
  • Jones Hassell

    I could die happy in the Lush store.
  • kendra rigoni

    awesome mall, horrible people.
  • Jesse Luna

    Only Bank of America ATMs (2), in all of Colorado to offer check/cash deposits!!
  • Vega Martin Ojeda

  • Emily Caldwell

    Avoid this mall on the weekends at all costs unless you're willing to fight for parking and wait in long lines. The best time to shop here is during the week either in the morning or evening.
  • Daniel John

    Beautiful Mall with a nice Starbucks
  • Desiree Rojas

    LOVE the new Swatch store! Check out out!
  • Justin Carmical

    This place is so preppy I am surprised that the building its self doesn't have a popped collar!
  • Carol Ann Schwartz

    Check out the Cinnabon
  • Matt Salli

    1-800- BUTTS
  • Miriam Ordoez

    People glare at you.
  • DAECO PAINTING Your Leading Service Provider

    .Painting interiors and exterior in Cherry Creek for over 10 years, 303-777-1892
  • Sony Store

    If you're shopping this weekend, make sure to stop by! We've got some killer Black Friday deals and we're opening at 8am on Fri. Check the link for the list of offers.
  • Mehmet zkasapoglu

    hello hi plase add me fb
  • Daniel Lippold

    Check out Solstice Sunglasses! It's a Boutique, not a Hut! More than 1000 styles in stock - Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Oakley, Ray Ban, Carrera, Tom Ford and more!
  • Marisa Marez

    Macy's here is the worst for customer service.
  • Shannon

    Awesome bathrooms! On the lower floors at least.
  • Fabio Camara

    Lugar bem bacana, lojas com preos razoveis para bom, vale a pena para brasileiros
  • Leonardo De La Rocha

    Bank of America customers can deposit checks here at two ATMs located on the first floor. Also Cinnabon.
  • Christina Mathis

    What's with thomyi's tip? "Hoodlums?" "Beautiful white women?" There should be some way to flag inappropriate comments here.
  • ArtJonak

    Eclectic. I like it. Not just your typical strip-mall name brands stores.
  • Brad Geisler

    Free self-parking for ALL... not just Beemer and Mercedes snobs.
  • Karen Gadberry

    Diva nails. Great service.
  • Sony Store

    We're having a tailgate party for the USC vs Colorado game on 11/4! Stop by for free food, free drinks and giveaways. Watch the game in HD and 3D!
  • Jamie DiProjetto

    Stop into Hallmark and get some tacky shit!
  • H.D. "Stray"

    Be sure to stop by Teavana, amazing place to get a hot cup of tea.
  • Kat Reynolds

    Waaaaaay too many kids!
  • Marco

    Without me ? Lol
  • Lauryn Mozinski

    Free valet for BMW's!
  • Gustavo Andres Gautier

    high end mall with a kids park inside.
  • Jonathan Miller

    Frequent flyer? Stop by the CLEAR kiosk at Guest Services and never wait in an airport security line again. Annual membership is only $155 when you pay with a MasterCard. Gift cards also available.
  • Jeffry Goldberg

    The food was really good at the Italian restaurant. Enjoyed it with Juliet!
  • Tymothe Meskel

    cherry creek. Downtown light
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