Denver International Airport (DEN)

Address: 8500 Pea Blvd
Phone: (303) 342-2000
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Check Ins: 943669


  • Mashable

    Free wi-fi and great views too - not a bad way to wait for a flight!
  • Colorado

    DIA's tent-like structure was designed to mimic the shape of the Rocky Mountains.
  • David Soto

    Look out the window to see the mountains
  • Brian Kato

    As you leave DIA be sure to take notice of Bluescifer, the giant horse of doom... Creepiest piece of art EVER!!!
  • Molly Lynn

    Free wifi!
  • Joe Murphy

    flying out of A concourse? skip the big hall security and take the walkway
  • Joey Fitzpatrick

    Be nice to the flight attendants.
  • Red Bull

    Good vodka selection in Duty Free kiosk near Gate B39.
  • Krystal

    Have your ride pick you up at passenger DROP OFF, its faster.
  • Lauren Wellicome

  • Tyler Stafford

    Don't forget your son Kevin at home. He will most likely have to fend off burglars on his own.
  • Dafna Michaelson

    Always go through security on the bridge at A. No lines! You don't have to be flying out of an A gate to go through security there.
  • Colorado Airport Transportation LLC

    Find out how long the security line wait time is? for the Denver International Airport Call 303-342-8477 updated every hour on the hour.
  • Kelly Robertson

    he he...the Denver airport bathrooms double as tornado shelters!
  • Ian S

    no matter the airport, you will always be in a prime environment to people watch.
  • Dave Amirault

    be sure to exit the train quickly or it will start harassing you.
  • Cooper Smith

    The Demon Horse, masonic symbols, and creepy murals - conspiracy theorists say these point to a large, underground bunker built beneath DIA to protect the world's elite when the world ends. Yep.
  • Anonymous

    Kinda odd to have in an airport...
  • Jim Guttau

    If you're flying Frontier or using A gates, do security at the "bridge" to A gates. Much faster than the main security area.
  • John Kreicbergs

    When you absolutely, positively don't care if you arrive on time...or arrive at all -- fly United Airlines.
  • Devin Reams

    Look for the only Starbucks in the airport. It's at the end of B Concourse (towards the 90+ gates). It's also across from the New Belgium Lounge.
  • 30 Minutes Or Less

    Enjoy that rocky mountain high while you can. #DontBlowIt
  • HealthWarehouse

    Don't wait until the last minute! Security lines are always long! At least the tram between concourses is fun!
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Lounge 5280 & New Belgium Hub, Terminal B; Chef Jimmy's Bistro & Spirits, Terminal A; Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, Terminal C; Boulder Beer Tap House, Jeppesen Terminal.
  • Andrew Hyde

    Do not look the blue horse in the eye. Ever.
  • Amanda Krut

    ride the train for an entertaining "Western" welcome from various well-known Coloradans.
  • ginevra kirkland

    New Belgium pub in the far end of the united terminal has great sweet potato fries and seasonals on tap.
  • Stephen Melton

    No matter how often you travel, are the flat escalators ever NOT fun?
  • David Siles

    Get on the free DIAFREEWIFI hotspot and update 4sq.
  • Casey Duncan

    You have about 90 seconds to exit a burning airplane; in addition, you have the greatest chance of survival when you sit in the back.

    When flying Frontier, take the bridge to Concourse A instead of the train to cut down on security wait time. Plus the bridge offers great views of the airport!
  • Kyle Lacy

    Worst wifi ever
  • Tony Brown

    Security lines are often shorter on the walkway to Concourse A. <<>> There are 52 white peaks on the roof of the Terminal, one for each of the mountains in Colorado over 14,000 feet.
  • Drew Frey

    For the safety of you and others, do not look at the demonic blue horse in its red eyes @freydrew
  • Lufthansa

    Fun fact about the Denver International Airport: The iconic roof of the Jeppesen Terminal is made from Teflon-coated fiberglass that is as thin as a credit card!
  • Castle

    The scientific theory I like best is that the rings around Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage!!
  • WorldVenture

    If you have time to kill, you should get online and read about the conspiracy theories about DIA. You can actually form a pretty nice scavenger hunt looking for Masonic markings and cryptic paintings.
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to the nation's third busiest airport.
  • NPR

    Welcome to Denver! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 88.1 (KVOD), 90.1 (KCFR), 89.3 (KUVO), or AM 1340 (KCFR). Enjoy your trip.
  • The Daily Sip

    Got some time to kill during a connection? Stop by the far end of the United terminal (B) near the gates 80+ to taste a selection of microbrews from New Belgium, make of Fat Tire
  • PizzaGirl

    if your using an iPhone, must go through Safari before it will let an app use the wifi
  • Casey Duncan

    "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

  • Robert Smothers

    Ok folks if your walking thru the airport move to your right or left out of traffic flow before stopping!
  • Andy Clausen

    Get me to the airport, put me on a plane. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Before I go insane. I can't control my fingers. I can't control my brain. Oh no, no, no, no, No, Noooooo!
  • Tom Higley

    If you're flying United, do easy checkin online. Print your boarding pass. Check a bag with the outdoor skycap service.
  • Paul Travis Klein

    If you fly Frontier, you'll probably end up in Denver.
  • Social Business Solutions Group LLC

    Get to your flight on time, and wear a smile.
  • Nick Lasure

    Dazbog Coffee in the C concourse is hands down the best coffee in the airport.
  • HealthWarehouse

    Don't wait until the last minute! Security lines are always long! At least the tram between concourses is fun!
  • David Cohen

    Take the ab bus to/from boulder station. Takes an hour and doesn't suck. Google rtd ab airport bus schedule.
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to nation's third busiest airport; seventh busiest in world. When riding the train to terminal, expect to hear a message from Mayor Michael Hancock. I've talked to him three times this week.
  • Alex Sorensen

    The big horse always makes me giggle =)
  • Jaime Manzanares

    Nothing like Anubis.. God of Death to greet you on your departure and/or arrival..
  • Jennifer S.

    Beware the ski douchebags.
  • Casey Duncan

    Ask Tim Jackson about the Lucky Middle Seat
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Nathan Buda

    Wifi sucks here!
  • Joe Hughes

    In B concourse, there are power outlets on both sides of the payphone pylons
  • Denver International Airport (DEN)

    The new waiting lot is located 3 miles east of the terminal off of Pena Blvd. 24-hour Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru, zpizza, Subway and Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
  • ?DV Green??

    Murals painted in the baggage claim area have been claimed to contain themes referring to future military oppression and a one-world government.
  • Jill

    Walk to concourse A much faster then going through the main security area.
  • Melissa Leon

    Free wifi
  • Sarah

    Grab lunch or dinner at Elways in Concourse B.
  • Colorado Airport Transportation LLC

    Denver International Airport - Airline Information, Phone Contacts Gate Locations, Baggage Claim Locations, and Passenger pick up location on level 5. Click on LINK.
  • zoe

    Death Pony watches over DIA!
  • John W

    Ignore ef r. he's nothing but trouble
  • John Barnette

    Mesa Grill on Concourse A has a smoking lounge. it's upstairs.
  • Kevin Hunt

    Ride the train from the A concourse to the C concourse and see if you can find the secret restaurants.
  • Casey Duncan

    Consider collecting your rental car at a location other than the airport to avoid excessive fees.
  • Ian Cairns

    Udi's just opened in Terminal B near B25(ish). Local company, great healthy food including gluten-free, salads you want to eat, even a quinoa option. Plus the best bread from a chain in Denver. :)
  • thomyi

    Did you know that there's a secret underground bunker here?
  • Chirag Shah

    If you are hungry and looking for a decent meal in Concourse B, definitely check out Itza Wrap! in the center, it's kinda hidden, but you have a wide selection of combinations at pretty decent prices.
  • Tim Jackson

    Use the TSE row to checkin through security, if possible. It can reduce wait times dramatically. If Casey T Duncan is close by, give him a pass through too.
  • Gina Schreck

    Security line on east side is usually shorter.
  • Alex Sandars

    Wheels up!
  • Obermeyer

    Gotta love that free wi-fi and open space to kick back after a long day of traveling. #sia11
  • Bryan Snider

    Arrive very early airport is large, security is very long, and it can take some time to get to get to your gate especially if your on delta or southwest
  • Jay Thompson

    Big metal tubes full of germs! Beats walking though.
  • Ben Milne

    Dwolla Dwolla
  • Brian

    I hear this is the NWO airport with strange art and deco, someone let me know please!!
  • Jenn

    This is one of my favorite airports - easy to get in and out, and the views of the mountains are so picturesque! Free Wifi throughout the airport, too!!
  • Ryan Amirault

    Did you know that DIA is also the site of a massive underground city...
  • Nate Duehr

    Just think, you could avoid all this by getting a pilot's license. ;-)
  • Gina Schreck

    drop off bags curb side then park to save time. you hussel straight to security. north side security is usually shorter or go over A bridge first.
  • Lance McGough

    Watch out for the Gargoyle overlooking Baggage Claim #16
  • Frank McPherson

    The blue bronco is scarry.
  • Jeremy Tanner

    In an Uber? Crack that beer. Pop that bubbly!

    Stop by the New Belgium Spoke by gate A61 for a quick pre-flight drink. We love Fat Tire!
  • Kristal Kraft - Denver Real Estate

    Welcome to Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. Hope you enjoy your visit!
  • Andrew Catellier

    All passengers are subject to additional screening beyond this point.
  • glenn letham

    If your a GIS geek make sure you head to GIS Alley, Fort Collins! Get GIS news from @gisuser
  • Dimphy

    Love refreshing jamba juice in concourse B upstairs
  • Ben Milne

    Google Dwolla.
  • Jeffrey Fuente

    This airport smells of shitty sports teams and tebows ball sack
  • Steve Han

    Wifi here is ad supported which makes it slow an frustrating to use. Better off just using apps instead of using a browser.
  • Chris 'Marshall' McDonough

    Beautiful Airport!
  • Chris Moody

    The demon blue horse out front mentally prepares you to confront United agents.
  • Gina Schreck

    Radio Road in concourse A has CUTE clothes and fun stuff! :))
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to Denver, the Mile HighCity and Centennial State.
  • Michael Dusing

    No wait security line by gates A. Take the train to other gates.
  • Alex Sandars

    Turn the fountains back on!
  • Lucretia Pruitt

    On a nice day, head to the outdoor terrace on the south side of the main terminal by TCBY
  • Michael Wright

    Hang out on Concourse A and have some Panda Express. Nothing like some Orange Chicken to tide you over for that flight to Orlando! Woot!
  • Jack Garibay

    Worst airport ever ;)
  • Dil-Domin Jacobe Leonares

    Steve Babcock will woo you with his words.
  • Wendy Seltzer

    Get one of United's new planes
  • Leonardo De La Rocha

    Concourse C breakfast hack: Coming off the escalators make a quick left and hit up La Casita for a small side of their green chile. Pour over fries at McD's or breakfast bowl from Villa Pizza.
  • Sam Adams

    United gave us great service
  • Justin Taylor

    Check out the tornado warnings in the bathrooms
  • Tim Falls

    You don't have to remove iPad from your bag like you do your laptop.
  • Don E

    wifi here is terrible!
  • Scott Abernethy

    Wear comfy shoes - you will be walking a lot, even with the speed walks.
  • Molly Lynn

    Chef Jimmy's on A Concourse has a great breakfast panini on the 'Grab & Go' bar
  • Cooper Smith

    Skip the main security in the center of the terminal and walk the bridge to Concourse A, it's always half the length/time. If you're flying out of B or C, you can easily grab the train from here
  • @JaumePrimero

    While in this airport you've got to hit up Que Bueno for some legit Mexican food!
  • greg knaddison

    Stand 5 feet back from the baggage claim until you actually see your bag. Fellow travelers will appreciate it.
  • Compassion International

    Take advantage of the free wifi & spend some time with us online. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. Pinterest. We're there, to name a few places.
  • Brian Van Peski

    Cup your hands under the Xcelerator driers in the bathroom to create fart noises.
  • Laurie Cooper

    Avoid the toll road when you head to the airport. Tolls are up to $3 now
  • Lisa Petty

    Love flying Frontier since walking to your gate is easy!
  • courtney thatcher

    Cannot do anything with the free wifi.
  • E Brown

    Check out the website for the security wait times.
  • David

    Cheaters always try to take your mayorship hah
  • David Mihm

    One of the worst airports in the country. Rough landings, no public transit to speak of, unnecessarily spread out terminals, out in the boonies. Avoid if you can.
  • Jet Airways

    Must See: The Royal Gorge Bridge is the world's highest suspension bridge at 359 meters above Arkansas River.
  • Kristen Sonsma

    Welcome to DIA. While you are here, try and make it to one of the many great sporting games in Denver! I'll be there!!!
  • Ef Rodriguez

    Fly the friendly skies, but scowl the entire time. The juxtaposition will make you much more attractive.
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to Denver International Airport (DIA) and the Mile High City. DENVER FACTS: DIA is the fourth busiest airport in US and seventh busiest in the world.
  • Todd Miller

    #6 busiest airport in the US.
  • Tim Falls

    Last AB bus to Boulder leaves at 11:20pm. You can catch the super shuttle at 12:10am. After that, good luck - taxi time?
  • Kristal Kraft - Denver Real Estate

    Watch out for the Pirates near baggage claim! Handsome they are but lucky for us not real!
  • Kelton Lynn

    Have always loved the Wolfgang puck pizza, 2nd floor in terminal b
  • Don E

    Atrocious wifi...don't even bother trying to get online
  • N Bh

    The Pikes Peak Shuttle Parking is $6 per day.
  • Anthony Murray

    Take your liquids OUT of your bag, it'll make things much easier.
  • marianne myers

    Look for the gargoyle in a suitcase watching over you near baggage claim.
  • Vinadetta

    Check out the New World Order Airport and visit the Masonic Capstone!
  • David Van Duzer

    Get some frozen yogurt at the last TCBY in the state.
  • Kyra Casebolt

    New seating with outlets on the mezzanine level on B concourse, between woody creek and city wok restaurants.
  • Dj Cheapshot

    They have bathrooms here
  • Tim King

    Google Denver Airport conspiracy for a good read, then try to go and find the murals!
  • Charles Ince

    Skip tips to go through A Terminal security line at the bridge. Over multiple tries, this has never really saved me any time, but rather cost me time.
  • Dan Scheidt

    Dabs are a preflight must
  • Dan Gibson

    Hit the McDonalds and ask for the Secret Sauce Burger. Only location that serves it in the world.
  • Cate

    By far the best place to be in DIA is the Rock Bottom in Terminal C.
  • glenn letham

    Are you a GEO geek in Colorado? Check out and follow us on Twitter @gisuser... Welcom to Colorado
  • Rachel Bee

    Listen for Hickenlooper's voice welcoming you to Colorado on the train. If only he finished his speech yelling "Suck it, Tancredo!"
  • Dion Barela

    Don't delay the trains that take you to the concourses by running on at the last second. The VoiceOver will get mad at you and tell you "You are delaying this train!"
  • Jason Langston

    If you have a 3G connection , don't waste your time screwing around with the wifi , it's slow and it cuts out.
  • Kelly Schuster

    Don't speed on your way in here. The cops are ruthless and will give you a ticket even for 5 mi or less over the speed limit!
  • Laura Jean Lee

    Good place to watch guys who watch girls
  • ben fullerton

    Listen out for the honky-tonk train.
  • Justin Hoffman

    Baggage claim still sucks. 50 min since landing No bag
  • Julie Ackerman

    If you need to charge any of your electronics ... Good luck!
  • Brandon Kraus

    The wifi here is fantastic!
  • John Mogos

    Make sure to chek out the New Belgium Hub at the high end of terminal B. The beers are great and the chili is some of the best food in the airport!
  • Karen Suhaka

    Worst airport ever? You must not have been at very many airports.
  • Steve Babcock

    Be warned. If you check in here, Andrew Keller will accuse you of being a check-in cheater.
  • Eliot ? Phillips

    New Belgium has its own bar just past B60
  • Justin Stockton

    The B concourse has a decent French bistro
  • Josh Decker

  • mike

    The design of the Denver airport is based on some occult symbology. The Devil made them do it. Also, try the veal!
  • Charlie Garcia

    Nice airport easy one
  • Steve B

    Please be sure to pass gas in the terminal not on the plane. Sincerely, your fellow passengers.
  • Ryan Wyatt

    Beat someone's ass to take one of the comfy leather seats while all of the other peasants sit in typical airport seating like the peasants they are.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman

    Big old dirty hub. Surprisingly few charging outlets. Meditate during the long, long walk between connecting gates.
  • Nathan!mal

    The Epilogues will fucking kill you.
  • Steve Cardiel

    The old Internet used to rock... This new 'boingo' sux! :(
  • T Linhart

    If you have time Google about the Denver airport and the conspiracy theories. Will help you pass the time .. and creep you out as you look around the airport.
  • Craig Fisher

    Take the train to and from the terminal!
  • Input

    Listen to Input & Broken. Free music at
  • Kenny Zdanowicz

    Heidi's sandwiches are NOT to be missed!! Try the spicy crab cake sandwich, if you can stand the heat!
  • Adam Hawes

    Drew F. has amazing tips.
  • Timothy Calhoun

    Dress very casual as you fly out of is a nightmare.. :(...soon we'll all have to get pass thru grandma, Noooo !!
  • Reego

    Good to b home
  • Rachel Mercer

    While this is no SFO or LGA make sure to come early. Security lines are much longer than anticipated. Best food is pre-security.
  • Dy-Anne W

    All these tips say to take the A concourse bridge and that's why the A concourse bridge takes FOREVER
  • Luke Johnson

    The DIA free wifi is basically worthless if you're trying to do actual work.
  • Andrea Ehresman

    Concourse A. In need of a Coke bottled product for your Frontier flight? The popcorn place has them!
  • Jessica Pierce

    Watch out for the underground lizard people. And Jesse Ventura.
  • Bethany Turon

    Welcome to Creepy DIA. Check out the swastika shaped runway on google maps (Earth view) and then look East for some creepy looking landscaping.
  • Foodspotting

    Try the Popeye's Chicken
  • Annie Truong

    Welcome to the mile high city! (Not to be confused with the mile high club, people.)
  • ??EJ??

    Free Wifi!
  • Eric Tigre

    Flying in and out of Denver International, the blue mustang sculpture greets visitors and residents in the Mile High City. Designed by the late New Mexican sculptor Luis Jimenez, it's an enduring icon
  • Jeff Mobley

    A great place if you need to board an airplane and fly somewhere.
  • angularism

    I like this airport with its gorgeous and untraditional architecture..
  • Anthony Williams

    Security here is awful. Could they be any slower.
  • Andrew Akers

    WiFi is terrible. You'll connect, but don't plan on going anywhere.
  • Brrian

    If waiting in the A terminal, there are some quieter seats nestled above the gates. Some seats are facing each other, and great for stretching out. Sometimes u can get lucky with power outlets.
  • Missy Scott

    The bird is the word!
  • Casey Duncan

    Checked baggage can have a pretty rough ride. Stuff folded socks in things like shoes and caps to protect their form.
  • Lauren Curler

    Great craft beer selection at Udi's between gate b22 and b24
  • Corwin Jones

    "Try the planes." -Cameron
  • Bunni

    Watch out for the bunnies! While you are traveling we will eat your car.
  • Becca Chapman

    Cowboy hats and boots galore.
  • Ryan Zeigler

    Use bridge security - only 10 min!
  • Dave

    They should have flights specifically for non-obese individuals.
  • James Moreau

    wifi is useless
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