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Phone: (303) 292-0200
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    In 1999, theRockies and their opponents combined for 303 home runs, the most ever in a season at one venue.
  • Colorado

    The purple row of seats in the upper deck indicates the exact height of one mile above sea level (5,280 feet).
  • ESPN

    See that row of purple seats in the upper deck encircling the field? That marks exactly 5,280 feet (one mile) above sea level. Daunte Bichette couldnt even hit a ball up to those bad boys.
  • Colorado

    See Major League Baseballs Colorado Rockies inside one of the leagues most spectacular stadiums. With Rocky Mountain views, cool breezes and the crack of the bat, its a summer scene second to none.
  • Sports Authority

    Missed the first inning? Shortcut your way in! Get to your seats quickly by using the entrance at 21st and Blake, right by first base.
  • DenverPost

    Dropped calls, delayed text messages, sluggish Internet is no more for Rockies fans with AT&T at Coors Field. How'd they do it? The equivalent of eight 3G cell towers on-site. Read more:
  • Hyatt Regency Denver

    Cheer the Rockies on to victory!
  • Colorado Rockies

    The ball travels 9% farther at Coors Field than it does at a sea-level stadium, so you may want to move your seat back a few rows.
  • JimmyJam O

    Go to Coors field
  • Get a Badge

    ESPN Baseball Fever Badge ...Like: ESPN ...Check-in at any major league baseball stadium during a weekday afternoon game ...1 check-in per day counts
  • ?DV Green??

    Have you tried the Rocky Dog? That is one big piece of meat.
  • Kelsi Cooke

    Come here to see the best team in baseball.
  • 30 Minutes Or Less

    Youve got 30 minutes or less to buy that hottie a beer, get some digits and be back before the heart of the order is up. #DontBlowIt
  • MLB

    THE AIR UP THERE: A home run hit 400 feet in sea-level Yankee Stadium would travel about 408 feet in Atlanta, but as far as 440 feet at Coors Field.
  • Cheapism

    Looking to catch a baseball game on the cheap, look no further! Rockpile seating are special tickets for just $4/seat for all home Rockies games. Certain # of tickets available in advance & day of.
  • 4sqBadge

    Home of the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team. The purple row of seats in the upper deck indicates the exact height of one mile (5,280 feet) above sea level.
  • Colorado Rockies

    To watch the Rockies from a mile high, the Purple Row on the Upper Concourse is exactly 5,280 feet above sea level
  • Matthew Lopez

    Try to sit in the shade when the sun is blazing and drink lots of water.
  • Colorado Rockies

    Spend some time on the Club Level behind home plate to see some unique Rockies items in the Rockies Hall of History museum cases.
  • glenn letham

    Head to Coor's Field and catch the Rockies - FYI you can get great tix for $10 at King Soopers supermarket!
  • Colorado State Patrol

    Pledge to stay sober at any Diamondbacks game and get a free soft drink. (BEHIND SECTION. 145) You can also win: -Seats in the Miller-Coors Suite - Autographed Jersey -Fly-along with CSP Aircraft
  • Ken Burns

    The thin air at Coors Field increases runs and homeruns by 50 percent. Tune in to the upcoming Ken Burns documentary, "The Tenth Inning," on Tuesday, Sept. 28 on PBS.

  • Ian Smith

    See an in-the-park home run
  • Jeff Stephens

    See the Rockies sweep a team!
  • Chrissy Morin

    Woo hop. We have a swarm.
  • Colorado Rockies

    Welcome to Coors Field! Check in using At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • BigRyanPark

    Go in the nose bleeds and enjoy the view!
  • Colorado Rockies

    Dont forget to use At Bat on your Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow action on the field & around the league while you're at the park.
  • MyLobotomy

    Don't let fun hating baseball snobs ruin your fun times. Go Rockies!
  • Peter Soeth

    Hit the Falling Rock Taphouse on the way to the game for some great beer before the bad stuff that is served in the stadium.
  • Paul Swansen

    Watched the Rockies Beat the Giants 8-2
  • Ryan Bowers

    Enjoy an local Blue Moon Season beer as the unstoppable Rockies find a way to beat the Diamond Backs.
  • Colorado Rockies

    Go down to the Lower Level, near the back door of the Rockies Clubhouse, to see that the famous Humidor is not as big as you think.
  • Kevin Risen

    The history channel quote left as a tip is mistakenly labeling Coors Field with the early identity as a football stadium. That stadium was the former Bears stadium built for football (Mile High)
  • thomyi

    Go Rockies!
  • Cooper Smith

    The Rock Pile is $5 and offers great views of both the game below, and the sunset over the Rocky Mountains
  • MyLobotomy

    Do the #RockiesWave!
  • Two-fisted Marios

    Here is to wishing we make it to the post season!
  • Sports Illustrated

    While Coors Field was being built construction workers found dinosaur fossils, including a triceratops skull that was seven feet long!
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Mountain Ranch Bar & Grille in the right field corner; Wok in the Park at section 150; Helton Burger Shack at section 153; Xtreme Dog at sections 130, 144.

    Cheer on Denver's home team, and check out the Frontier FlyBall Frenzy to win up to $200 towards your next Frontier flight!
  • John Newland

    Great place to just sit and whale
  • Matthew Lopez

    Happy Birthday Violet
  • Rachel Moore

    Bring your lunch & sealed beverages, as well as some sunscreen, and enjoy a summer afternoon/evening with fellow Denverites!
  • Reese Dewey

    Sit in the 150s and they let you onto the field on firework nights!
  • Tim Hurst

    Half-watch a game while standing out in the left field pavilion talking with your friends. After that, head out to straight away center and soak in the Rocky Mtn. landscape in the visitors' bullpen.
  • Brian E

    check out the Gluten Free concession stand, section 147!
  • David Mikel ????

    has anybody noticed clorado is on fire? really it is
  • Mark

    Get tickets in the first few rows of the upper deck on the first base side. You'll be close enough to enjoy the game and will have a great view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.
  • Sterling M

    watch the grounds crew they are the best in the nation!!
  • Adam Peterson

    Blue Moon Brewery: original brewery of Blue Moon, and the first microbrewery in a professional sports stadium!
  • Rachel Bee

    Challenge Dinger to a duel.
  • Douglas Kelly

    Get a Fat Tire! Best Beer in Colo... actually West of the Mississippi.
  • Micah S

    Home Run for the Homeless is a great event w/ a 5k that includes a lap around the warning track. Don't miss it next year.
  • John Marquez

    I need to go to a game!
  • Matthew Lopez

    My happy place!!
  • BestOf

    Winner of Best Rockie 2011. See more of the best at
  • Matt Sandy

    Eat before or after you're at the park. Step it up Rox...
  • erin steiner

    Visit the sandlot. Best drinks and bartenders in the stadium!
  • Jarrod Perrott

    CarGo Bobblehead Day! Get here early!
  • Frank Spychaj

    Don't do the wave. If you want to get on TV hang out behind the ROOT sports booth by sec. 160
  • Kevin Risen

    National League 2007 Champs play here!
  • angularism

    drink beer watch baseball its simple really.
  • Derrick Wessel

    one of the greatest parks in baseball
  • Kevin Doran

    Chew a lot of tobacco
  • Jamie Kent

    Absolutely gorgeous here today!!i mean, wow!! 4/15/2010
  • Stadium Journey

    You should try out a Rockie Dog! It's a footlong hot dog that can be topped with peppers, onions, and sauerkraut for $6
  • Rick Van Dyke

    Boooooo Yankees
  • Jessi W.

    Head to the back under the big screen and get a burger at #17, the Helton Burger Shack. You won't regret it! Plus it's a pretty great deal with a drink and side!
  • Jodi Lincoln

    Row 13, right behind 3rd base....Todd Helton on first! Great seats great night. Thanks Kathie!
  • Daniel Whited

    Get a Dog and enjoy the Game and The People
  • Matt Schippers

    Drink as many NOT $7 beers before you get in the stadium as you can!
  • cappuccino hero

    Monster Nachos! Best deal hands down. You won't be sorry. Limited areas in the park way better then the standard nachos.
  • Gretchen Faber

    Rain Delay takes the fun out of Rockies on a Monday night.
  • Aimee O'Connor

    Get a Denver Cheesesteaks! The best ever :)
  • Glenn Bertrand

    Chacin complete game shut out 4/15/21011 vs Cubs! It was a gem.
  • Amanda Hieb

    Helton's Burger shack is well worth it!
  • Monique Westfall

    Visit the tables in section 201 where you can enjoy Famous Dave's BBQ and a great view of the field.
  • Joshua Rakestraw

    Gotta go watch a game from the RockPile. Great seats for cheap. Afterwards, hit one of the many great bars around the stadium.
  • Cameron Stevens

    Don't park to the right of stadium. Amtrak construction is ridiculous!
  • Rockstar Aaron

    Don't miss Forbidden Bingo at Maloney's tavern Mondays 7-10pm. 1432 Market st featuring DJ Rockstar Aaron
  • Brian H

    Great food, great views, fun time
  • Hampton Inn Denver-International Airport

    One of the most excellent spaces in America to take a ball game.
  • Ryan Mayor Vincent

    A must do during a day in Denver! Go Rockies
  • Ryan Day

    first level concourse feels too crowded and getting beer there took an inning and a half. Seating on the third level has much more walking room and more than enough vending to get beers quicker.
  • Sarah Leslie

    Gorgeous skyline!
  • Aaron Arns

    Box seats are pretty sweet but I should be in charge if stocking their beer!'
  • Justin Price

    Why isn't a big baseball stadium listed? Go Rockies!
  • Ryan Woodroof

    Even though the team struggles from year to year this might be one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country! Hotdogs, baseball, and a view of the foothills! Opening day can't come soon enough!
  • Kevin Risen

    Home of the 2007 National League Champions! Be sure and have the Helton Burger found off the left field concourse.
  • Richard Revilla

    Great place to watch a game with the view of the Rockies behind you. Get Club seats so you can enjoy the indoor Resturants.
  • Dennis Wakabayashi

    The Coke Cola seats are the red ones in the front row of section 119 and that's where the players go to give autographs and give balls out to the kids.
  • The Atlantic Cities

    While Coors Field has thrived, Chase Field in Phoenix (modeled after Coors) was more of a bust. Why? Unlike sprawling Phoenix, "99 percent of Denver county residents live within 10 miles of downtown."
  • William Leonard

    Watch out for the guy in green sunglasses!
  • Alana Swords

    Best place to get high, get it?
  • Cris Stoddard

    Famous Dave's out by the bleachers has kicking ribs and chocolate covered bacon. Yum
  • Austin Martinson

    Wells Fargo club level... No lines!
  • BigRyanPark

    Never ride a band wagon. Always be loyal. Go Rockies!
  • Candi

    Purple seats are at a mile high ...can almost see Fort Collins from there!
  • Dave Floyd

    Great place to watch baseball. Just remember, they serve Coors and Coors Light. Don't ask for something else.
  • Anthony Sayles

    Great Ball Park, just need a better performing team.
  • Meagan Griesel

    New drinking game. Take a drink every time cargo #5 grabs his junk.
  • Dave Hankins

    Rockie Mountain Oysters!!
  • Blake Adams

    beautiful place to watch baseball
  • Liz Jarocki

    Wells Fargo card holder? Go to for two for 1 club level tickets.
  • Rachael Wright

    Root for the Rockies when they aren't playing the Giants.
  • Andrew Gibson

    Touch people's hair in the row in front of you.
  • Steve Sande

    If you're ever here for a game on July 4th, go to the bar behind section 237 and wish bartender Freedom a happy birthday!!!
  • Katie C

    Veggie dogs and burgers at Grille near section 134!
  • Christina W

    Kick back and have an awesome time. Get a Blue Moon from where it originated.
  • Dustin Mikkelsen

    Club seats are good 'cause they wait on you, but my favorite spot is in right field upper deck
  • Whit

    Leave the bike check man a tip!
  • Cody Cooper

    Kiosk on the ground level behind first base, near the north entrance, serves Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. No better way to enjoy a game.
  • Peter Terhune

    Mike S. Is sadly mistaken. Coors is consistently in the top 10 in Mlb attendance and the Rox still hold the single game attendance record. Make sure to visit in Sept and Oct when the late season pixi
  • Rob Bruce

    Sandlot has the best pulled pork nachos in the park
  • Chris Garcia

    Pregame Pregame Pregame!
  • Jenny Korn

    Representing Alabama & the Cubs! ?I love sports ???? Denver is beautiful! ?
  • @

    There are usually one or two unadvertised specialty brews at the sandlot brewery
  • Travis Lay

    Get to the game early enough to watch BP.
  • Travis Lay

    Cheap parking off of 18th and Market - $5 for almost every game.
  • Scott Snyder

    Grab some cheap bleacher seats and then head up to The Rooftop bar to enjoy the game.
  • Nick Thessin

    Must get... Coors on tap! Duh!
  • Jana

    For someone not from the area, things are not well marked. Be patient, it's worth it.
  • Steve Miller

    Chocolate dipped bacon at Famous Dave's
  • Clint VanDyne

    Great park! Sit facing the mountains though not a bad seat in the house though!
  • Corina Santos

    Cool hangout, great bar at SandLot!!!
  • Jerod Dewey

    Tornadoughs are a must at Coors Field.
  • jeff brill

    Check out the Smoke House
  • Tim Hunt

    If you're an out of towner head to section 144 to try some Rocky Mountain Oysters!
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Fireground Communications LLC

    The DreamTrips vacation club is a travel community for everyone, from adventurers to luxuriators & anyone in-between. Go to for this online deal
  • Joe Sears ?

    I've been here, but it was before there was a Foursquare. After the game, go to the Wynd Coop if its still there. 3 blocks from the stadium, great bar.
  • Everyday

    Todd Helton was a legend.
  • wyn

    Save money and buy your concessions at Buckaroos. They sell beer too.
  • Joshua Lingg

    Parking under the bridge for 20 $ is a rip-off..
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies # 6.40 PM.
  • Jordan Smith

    Fountain at coors field
  • Lloyd Guy

    The website represents that Parking Lot B is adjacent to Coors Field and "on-site." It is neither.....several blocks away.
  • Alea Colburn

    Great seats!!
  • Karen Gomez

    Great selection of food!!! Can't make up my mind!!
  • Brett Grant

    Helton Burger! Outstanding.
  • Somchai Rojana

  • Chef Frytz

    The staff here is ridiculously friendly ;-)
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado Rickies
  • Somchai Rojana

    ????????? Coors Field ???????????...
  • Claire

    Coors Field allows guests to bring in their own food and sealed, non-alcoholic beverages into the stadium!
  • JBL

    Play ball! Did you know that the 20th row seats of the Upper Deck are painted in purple? These show Denver's 1 mile elevation point.
  • Cracken .

    Great downtown location surrounded by lots of fun bars. Grab a cheap seat in the Rock Pile and explore the stadium.
  • Scott Kleinberg

    Fantastic park. Grab a pretzel tornado on the first level near the scoreboard. #BallparkBlitz
  • Mike Saparow

    What happen to the days of buying a hot dog outside the stadium?
  • Stadium Journey

    Looking for something a little different? How about the No. 17 Grill!
  • Cori Williamson

    Make sure you take a walk to center field to see the rock garden!
  • Sheila Lady

    Tuesdays after the game head over to Polished Tavern for 80s night and 2 for 1 drinks
  • Lindsay Saunders

    Rocky Mountain oysters behind 3rd base
  • Mark Johnson

    The Rockies Dog was awesome!
  • Mason H

    Ride the bike and Rockies give u a cliff bar and bottle of disani water.
  • Amy Spector

    The Rockie Dogs are phenomenal!!! Get them with sauteed onions and green peppers!
  • Chris Smith

    This place is AWESOME!!!!!!
  • Tony Milano

    $20 parking...
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Rockies!
  • Jericho Goering

    Got married here in 2010!
  • Kevin Risen

    Get to opening day early (1 hr.) to enjoy the festivities and avoid the late rush
  • Ashley Erickson

    Suite level is the way to do it!!
  • Drew Frey

    Grab seats on the upper concourse (307 to 319) for the best sunset views.
  • Sean Dy Foon

    Sit in the suites to live the sweet life!!
  • Daniel

    After the game go to Falling Rock for some awesome beer
  • N5XTC

    Bike instead of drive, saves waiting in endless traffic. Quit bin so lazy!
  • Jonathan Hoster

    Great place to watch a ball game! Not a bad seat in the house!
  • David Vandivort

    Always pre game
  • Kat DiMarzio

    Two words: Monster. Nachos.
  • Janet Hise

    Get your gf goodies from behind section 137... Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, cookies, brownies and chips!
  • Nathan Mauldin

    Bring your own snacks and water and save a ton of money
  • Andrew Fielding

    The history channel tip is wrong. This is a new built baseball specific stadium
  • Ben Rupe

    Every time I come, the Rockies win! They should just give me a season ticket.
  • Social News Network

    Get water from the people standing outside the stadium. It's $1.00 for a huge Ozarka water as opposed to $4.00 from concessions on the inside! You can take it in, as long as it's sealed.
  • Mila Gates

    Parking and LightRail cost about the same and take about the same amount of time. So it's not really better one way or the other.
  • Pam Agar

    Batting practice and a Newcastle - nice!
  • Brianne Benefield

  • Jerod Dewey

    Moyer two run single
  • Bryant Leinberger

    Don't forget to recycle your clothes and shoes.
  • Brian Shurette

    Rockies home opener is a MUST.
  • Ingather Research & Innovation Facilities

    Look for Rock Pile tickets!
  • Keith Lucero

    Rockies always win!
  • Richard Hicks

    Great Game. 45 degrees and windy. Snowing in the mountains 30 minutes away.
  • Phillip Brunett

    Awesome ball park
  • DaytonDUI

    Try the chocolate covered bacon. My family was split, but at least you can say you tried it.
  • Dave Floyd

    They have some incredibly delicious hot dogs here.
  • Kevin Doran

    American football is so much different than the australian football im used to! Wowzers!
  • Jeb Spengler

    Someone recommended the cheese steaks to me, and now I will recommend the cheese steaks to you.
  • Jack Ham

    Text captain Earthman for good beer service and entertainment. (720) 371-4252
  • Jonathan Cooper

    Best seats are in the upper deck first base line. Cheap and great view of the actual Rockies
  • Manager

    Troy Tulowitzki is batting .404 with four home runs and 14 RBI against the Dodgers this season.
  • lostbikerindc

    If you get a chance try to go to the Sandlot Brewery under the field -
  • Karen Anhouse

    Just because you're at the baseball game doesn't mean you shouldn't control your kids!!!
  • Liz Jarocki

    Wells Fargo card holder? Go to for two for 1 club level tickets.
  • Paris Waddill

    Right Field Red...yum!
  • Sean Bullman

    Extreme hot dogs, 3rd base side. Blue cheese and bacon: buy one.
  • John T Callahan

    Had a broken seat. Bitter old man usher did nothing to help. Went to find a Manager. She moved us to better seats that were not broken.
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