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    The Pepsi Center, sometimes called "The Can," is the home of the Denver Nuggets,and the Colorado Avalanche, in addition to being a major concert venue.
  • NHL

    Fanatic Fact: The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in their first year of existence in 1995-1996.
  • Colorado

    The Pepsi Center opened on October 1, 1999 with a Celine Dion concert.
  • Sports Authority

    The Pepsi Center was used as a filming location for the 2007 movie "Blades of Glory."
  • NAKID Social Sports in Denver

    Go Avalanche!!
  • ESPN

    Head to the Grand Atrium and look up to see a crazy insane sports sculpture. Weighing 2,000 lbs, it hangs from the ceiling with upside down basketball players and right side up hockey players.
  • Hyatt Regency Denver

    Catch a concert, a basketball game, or an Avs game!
  • Colorado Avalanche

    Check out the HealthONE mascot mural featuring Bernie outside section 142!
  • Grant Beery

    Going to a game? Make sure you hit up Brooklyn's across the street. Great food and a good way to avoid arena prices for beer.
  • Brad Beale

    Another overtime heart can't handle it!
  • Colorado Avalanche

    DYK you can go down any aisle pregame up until 20 minutes before puck drop to take photos close to the ice?
  • ?DV Green??

    The NHL keeps a small refrigerator full of hockey pucks, located between the penalty boxes. This fridge contains 45 frozen pucks.
  • Bri-cycle

    Take the C or the E line Lightrail train to the Pepsi Center!!! ?
  • NCAA

    The 2012 NCAA Women's Final Four takes over the Pepsi Center April 1 -3! Visit for all the details!
  • Nick Monroe

    There are 233 pieces to the basketball floor each weighing approximately 185 pounds. The total weight of the entire basketball floor is 41,625 pounds. (via
  • National Post

    Will Peter Mueller make a difference with the Avalanche this year? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:
  • 4sqBadge

    The Pepsi Center, is the home of the Denver Nuggets,and the Colorado Avalanche, in addition to being a major concert venue.

    Root for the home team
  • Matthew Lopez

    Home of the Colorado Avalanche
  • Social Business Solutions Group LLC

    I love to get roust in here, do this tip and share the love.
  • Bo Bandy

    Get some Blue Moon by section 360. Yummy!
  • Phoenix ??????

    Go Avalanche
  • Len ???

    Happy New Year's to Coke and Pepsi lovers!! And everyone else!!!
  • Colorado Avalanche

    Challenge a friend to a game of hockey on the Nintendo Wii or catch up on scores or other sports action at the CenturyLink Lounge outside section 373.
  • BigRyanPark

    Go ape sh*t crazy. Support your team!
  • Arby's

    If you're hungry for a Roast Beef Sandwich & some Curly Fries, check-in at Arby's located inside the Pepsi Center.
  • allen klosowski

    Go Avs!
  • Leora Ruzin

    Try the box seats, if you can!
  • Len ???

    Things go better with Coca-Cola, things go better with Coke!
  • Eirik Huseby ???? #SF

    Happy badge hunting!
  • Tim Jackson

    Be prepared to have a good time.
  • Richard Carpio

    LADYGAGA was here!
  • Len ???

    Free coke beats Pepsi anyday!
  • Denver Nuggets

    Looking for tickets to an upcoming game? Avoid lines at the box office by visiting our ticket sales booth behind section 140.
  • Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva

    Love the Arby's roast beef, Good Times wild fries and Stella from Toucan Pub!
  • Terry Foundthatmovie

    Mammoth Games Rule!!!
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to the Pepsi Center, home of the Colorado Avalanche, and again someday - hopefully - the Denver Nuggets. Go Avs!
  • Drew Frey

    Club level seats 250 are great
  • Michelle Jacobson

    Keep it fair, Violet!
  • Eric Rosenberg

    Mammoth games are cheaper than Avalanche or Nuggets games and they are way more fun
  • Deb Kolaras

    New Belgium 1554 can be found near section 104.
  • Chad

    If you are on the club level and want to eat somewhat healthy food, the Mexican burrito stand uses whole wheat tortillas and brown rice
  • Len ???

    Will the Stars fall in an Avalanche?!
  • Erin

    Boo every time Kobe touches the ball. Every time...
  • Dan T

    Blue sky grill
  • Shanley McClure

    Parking at 15th and Wewatta is only $5
  • Denver Nuggets

    Post for a photo as a Nuggets player at Pepsi Point by the Grand Atrium entrance on the main concourse!
  • Denver Nuggets

    Have you seen the mascot mural featuring SuperMascot Rocky? Check it out outside section 142.
  • Denver Nuggets

    Head over to the CenturyLink Lounge outside section 373 to watch some HDTVs or challenge a friend to a game of basketball or Nintendo Wii.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at The Pepsi Center when we play on January 5th! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • HC Spartak Moscow

    3 ?????? 1978 ???? ?? ???? ?????, ? McNichols Sports Arena (??????? ? 1999) , Colorado Rockies ????????? ?????????? ??????? (3:8) ? ?????? ?????????? 1977/78 ????? ??????-?????? ? ??????? NHL.
  • Ruthie Owen

    Aerosmith is killin' it!
  • Cooper Smith

    Whether you're here for the Nuggets, Avalanche, a concert, or Monster Jam, you're sure to have a good time
  • Scott Bates

    Avs win big!
  • Jason Egan

    If you have a chance, get into a suite for an Avalanche game!
  • Brandon P

    Pay for some nosebleed seats and maybe get a free upgrade to club level like I did tonight!
  • Tim Jackson

    One of the best seats in the is right behind the goalies. Though that location in the Pepsi Center could cost you extra.
  • Denver Nuggets

    Want to take some photos close to the court? Arrive early and head over to the guest relations kiosk outside of section 120 to be escorted down close. Only valid up until 20 minutes before tip-off.
  • Ben Kim

    Go AVS!! Just leave the cow bells at home plz

    If you're checking out the Colorado Mammoth make sure to, "Get In the Box!"
  • Jamie Winger

    Students can get $7 tickets for select Nugget's games if they show up at noon on game day at the ticket window. Call First!
  • Jeremy Nelson

    Go check out a Colorado Mammoth game they're a blast!
  • Jaguar

    Hey!! The food is very expensive!!
  • Tariq Ahmad

    Seats in upper 300-level are pretty small and tight. Get to game at least one hour pregame to get affordable parking close to venue.
  • Chris Ruppel

    Mammoth Season Starts Soon!
  • Miatsu Kumiko

    Can't beat the front row, glass.
  • Adrian Smith

    When attending Denver Nuggets games at Pepsi center.. Make sure you dont sit down in your seats until the Nuggets score their first basket!
  • David Workman

  • Jose Mesa

    Good beer on club level: the place by 248 no longer has Dale's, but it does have Pick Axe IPA.
  • Gumby

    Try the pulled pork sandwich
  • Matthew Rollins

    2x offensive zone, behind the visitor bench. Great view!
  • Geoff Warren

    If you are looking for great seats for Nuggets & Avs Check out Tiqiq.Com. We are an ticket aggregator that scans the secondary ticket market for the best deals!
  • BestOf

    Winner of Best Nugget 2011. See more of the best at
  • BestOf

    Winner of Best New Nugget 2011. See more of the best at
  • BestOf

    Winner of Best Coach 2011. See more of the best at
  • BestOf

    Winner of Best AV 2011. See more of the best at
  • kyla scheick

    If you r a DD, go to section 130, find the ARAMARK stand, sign up and u get a free soda!
  • aaaa bbbbbbbb

    Always enjoy the show!
  • Jose Mesa

    If you're looking for good beer on Club level the link place by section 248 has Dale's Pale Ale.
  • thomyi

    The mini donuts with orange dip! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
  • Eliane Nogueira

    perfeito... muito maneiro.....
  • Drew Frey

    Drink like a local and head to the Mile High Bar near section 304. Best selection in the house.
  • Andy Callan

    lemonade & vodka or Tennessee honey for $8.50 is your best cocktail option but where are they hiding all the great local CO whiskeys?
  • Hampton Inn Denver-International Airport

    Outstanding place for performances nuggets or avalanche games!
  • Jacob Snyder

    If your coming to watch Avalanche vs Redwings be prepared to be outnumbered by tons of Detroit fans, Go Wings!
  • Nathan Mauldin

    Flash seats give you a good option to upgrade your seats at a reasonable price.
  • Sean Hobbs

    Avs suck! Go Kings!
  • Cristo Leon

    Home stadium for Colorado Avalanche
  • Inacia Neto

    Park at Elitches and walk across the bridge...saves soooo much time and it cost less
  • kieran cain

    Soccer is played in a stadium. Basketball is played in an arena.
  • Aimee Elise

    Come to Section 126! We're at the Love Hope Strength table signing up people for the national bone marrow registry. Swab your cheek and save a life!!
  • Jason J

    Ask for a coke, see what happens.
  • Connor

    In the beautiful restaurant on the VIP level for the junior League of Denver's general meeting.
  • Kendra

    The beer vendors carry a couple cans of Dales Pale Ale. Ask them for it.
  • Shawn Horton

    Never get a brat at the grill. There buns are gushy and it ruins the entire hot dog.
  • Ingather Research & Innovation Facilities

    Home to the Colorado Avalanche & the Denver Nuggets!
  • Amy Smith

    Want to eat well at the Pepsi Center? Try the Kaiser Permanente healthy picks-even burgers count if done right!
  • Denis Batrankov

    ?? ?????? ??????? ???? ????????? ????? )
  • Donna Davis

  • mike montoya

    Go Nuggets
  • jeff barnes

    go magic beat the nuggets
  • Mustafa Sahin

    Pepsi o baska bir sey sylemeye gerek yok
  • Chip Thomas

    The pepsi center could have been a great arena, but after visiting several others, this place is the worst to get into and get out of! Kroneke and is cheapskate attitude!!
  • Angela Cheeseboro

    Go to Coohill's before for food and drink and park there for $5!
  • TKC

    Check out the new telebim!
  • John Morton

    Looks like visiting fans can cheer and have fun. It was almost encouraged
  • Rafael Dias de Souza

    eu quero os Yankees!!!!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you at the game!
  • Hauke Marius

    Im a big Nuggets fan. We have one of the best basketball arenas in the us....come and check it out!
  • Mary Schultz

    Two rows from top
  • Dan R

    Pepsi Center now has metal detectors. So remember to leave your pocket Knife in the car.
  • Aspen H

    Rush in August 2013
  • Mateo

    The food here sucks Ass !
  • Joel Gerrity

    Right across the street from The University of Colorado, Denver. Home of the Nuggets and The Avalanche. The Pepsi Center is a really nice arena with an exciting atmosphere.
  • Klivia Karoena

    um deliciosooooooo
  • Aimee Elise

    Look for Love Hope Strength Foundation on level 1 to get on the national bone marrow donation registry. Help save a life!
  • Gina Mccartney

    Feel lim cheating on the mavs but go nugs
  • Mel

    Fun fact, on the club level your ticket will let you into any suite. Double check you are in the right one.
  • A Noom Twenty

    Colorado Avalanche Home Arena
  • Kelly Mirabella

    Buy tickets at the box office to avoid a convenience fee.
  • Jen Isaiah

    Let's Go Nuggets!!!
  • Nicole (Foodie McBooty)

    See a LaCrosse game!
  • Brandon Tucker

    Get the best beer in the house, New Belgium 1554, outside Sec 106
  • Shawn Horton

    When u feel sick and your coming to a nugs game go to jalepeno eats on the 2nd level and have the tamles with green pork chili.
  • Thomas Kapaun

    Always my favorite venue to hit in Denver. Not a bad seat in the house for my Nuggets, Avs. and Mammoth.
  • Evan Cumpston

    It may be helpful to encourage fans to be more active on this page. Creating incentives for fans to check in at games and post on this page could create more buzz and in turn increase ticket sales.
  • Paige Terlip

    Nuggets fans, check out tickets in the 108 block... Around $30 and a great view with easy access to bathrooms and the exit.
  • Kevin Burns

    Going in the side entrances can save a lot of time getting through security and to your seat.
  • Mary McKnabb

    Stands 148 and 379 our run by non-profits, buy your beer there and support local parents earning money for education for their children.
  • Aimee Elise

    Look for Love Hope Strength Foundation (@LHSF) to get on the national bone marrow registry. You may save a life one day!
  • Lucas M.

    Grab a bag of Caramel Kettle Popcorn! It's SWEET!
  • Rick Chadwick

    Root for the Nuggets!
  • Nate Fielder

    Go Preds! Another happy Avalanche customer.
  • Dawn Harry

    Awkward regulation: they will only serve bottled water AFTER they remove the cap? Hint: bring your own aquafina bottle cap!
  • Christopher Cz

    Go bucks go
  • Jhaldir Wilson

    Lakers sucking it up...
  • Erika Swift

    Disney on ice?!!!!!?
  • Homeless Bill

    I asked 10 different people where I pick up the free Pepsi samples, and they looked at ME as if I was the crazy one.
  • Piper Litt

    I like dem fights.
  • Stephen DeGraff

    The more expensive seats are the most uncomfortable.
  • David Auker

    Guest relations doesn't know what "gluten free" means. There are options on the first level
  • John Boone

    Good concerts
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome Coral Reefers
  • Tricia $

    When requested to sit down by staff with Napoleon complex, just comply and enjoy your night.
  • Tariq Ahmad

    Pretty good on parking, Metro State across street opens up parking during events.
  • Courtney Washburn

  • Muhammad David Ben Fizky

    mau minum pepsi smpai mampus...
  • Kenneth Corra

    Huge arena with lots of expensive food and beverage huts! Restrooms are huge and the arena display is awesome
  • Zech Dike

    I love everything about the PEPSI CENTER the nuggie games the avs games and the mammoth are a real fun game to go watch if you've never done so. My girl and I love coming just wish I could go more : (
  • Shannon McCorison

    Free valet parking at Nuggets games if you drive a Kia! Just have to register in advance via the website
  • John Goodman

    Ginobli is a baby!
  • Reinald Pritama

    Wow Pepsi center
  • Andrew P.

    Cheesesteak sliders are on point!
  • Mike O'Neil The LinkedIn Rockstar

    Try a Pink Floyd show here sometime!
  • Marc Grabowski

    Tear down the wall!!!
  • Christopher Michaels

    Make it to the Sunset Party bus for a party
  • Hadley

    Rangers with the Uno
  • connie D

    Parking can be pain. You may want to take the bus in.
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